Healthy Love Relationships

Why Healthy Love Relationships Work

Couple Deeply In Love

When you hear the term love relationship, this may not mean the same thing to you that it does to another person. For example, when people hear about having a loving relationship, they are picturing two people together who actually do love one another. On the other hand, a love relationship may actually represent a relationship that is completely based upon sex. They are only attracted to the other person for what they can give them in a completely physical way. In this article, we will focus upon the prior definition, a relationship between two people that is actually a relationship based on love. We will look at the benefits and pitfalls of this type of relationship, and why it may not be the best choice for some people.

The Fickle Nature Of Love

Love is a very interesting feeling and concept, one that seems to embody all things that are good and wonderful. For example, when you are in a relationship with someone who you love, this is usually the result of having things in common, sharing similar interests, and hopefully sharing physical needs as well. However, the reason that a person loves you, is not necessarily based upon reason at all. In fact, some people fall in love with others and they can’t tell you why. They could be in the worst relationship imaginable, with an individual that is constantly degrading them, maybe abusing them and yet the whole time they will keep saying that they love this other person. Therefore, in the context of a love relationship that is going well, it is one that is based upon a shared mutual feeling. This feeling is positive, and may not be based on any logic whatsoever.

The Positive And Negative Aspects Of Love Relationships

A love relationship that is always making you feel good, such as when you come home and you both look at each other and your day feels complete, are rare and if you are able to find such a relationship, it is definitely the most wonderful thing in the world. However, the negative aspect of this type of relationship, even if it is healthy, is that boredom may set in. You cannot live on love alone, as you must have something in common with this other person, other than this general romantic feeling. Shared interests and feelings are great but balance is also extremely important. Your own friends and interests sometimes can play a part in balancing out your love relationships.

In conclusion, most people who are in a healthy love relationship are going to be extremely happy. It is going to allow them to feel wanted, special and most certainly loved by the other person who they are in this relationship with. However, it may also represent a mistake on the part of both people who are simply basing their relationship on an indefinable feeling. In most cases, a healthy love relationship, one that has give and take, and is a balanced love, may simply be the best thing about your life.