Open Relationships

Is An Open Love Relationship Really For You


Three Way LoveIf you are ever in a relationship where you are with one person and both of you expect to simply be together, with no other lovers involved, then this is an easy situation for you. However, if both of you think that it would be a good idea to expand your horizons, branching out to meet and have a relationship, with other people, this could add quite a bit of novelty and excitement to your relationship. Essentially, you need to be okay with others having a sexual relationship or polygamy, with your partner and they need to also be okay with you seeing someone else. Even though you love each other, it is that sexual energy and need for someone different that might actually make your love stronger.

How Do Open Love Relationships Work?

These relationships can be a little bit tricky, specifically because you are both seeing and sleeping with other people. In a sense, you’re not actually with each other, but playing the field, as if you were not with someone else. This can work for many people, especially those that do not want to feel tied down to just one person and married couples understand better than anyone else, how difficult it can be to see the same person every day. It can be problematic if you become bored. It can affect your sex life, which is why an open love relationship might be what you need to spice things up and really reaffirm how much you mean to each other.

So Is An Open Love Relationship Really For You?

Many of the problems that occur between couples, such as an inability to get an erection and premature ejaculation, or simply not being intimate anymore can sometimes be that they are absolutely bored with the other person. They are simply missing that novelty, of someone different, in their life, that ability to branch out and meet and see other people. Many people literally, mentally and emotionally, die within a marriage and this may actually be therapeutic for many couples who are married and experiencing problems.

Love Trio

Once you have presented this question to your significant other and if they are open to this concept, it could be the beginning of a really wonderful relationship. Instead of worrying about being with this one person the rest of your life, you now have so many other options. However, it may not be a good idea for others who believe that monogamy is the only way to go. You simply have to ask the question “Is an open love relationship really for you?” and then go with what feels right for both of you.

If both of you agree this is something you should try, then go ahead but be aware, that one or both of you may, after a while, feel like going back to your monogamous relationship. Talk about it together so you both know how you are feeling about this new twist to your relationship.