How Jealousy Ruins Relationships

Jealousy In Love

There is nothing worse than being in a relationship with someone who is jealous. It can be very stifling when you are trying to focus on loving someone and they have this idea that you are actually cheating. This is even worse when you are one of the countless people out there who actually knows how to be faithful.

In this day and age, honesty and faithfulness are often hard to come by. Even so, this does not give someone the right to walk around with a veil of jealousy lingering around them. Imagine telling your partner that you are going out to see your friends and they get angry and start to ask questions about who you are seeing and what you will be doing. Not only would it hurt because you cannot be trusted, but it can be pretty infuriating as well.

There are talk shows that allow guests to go on stage and have their mates attached to a lie detector with the results being read aloud. True enough, the producers of the show do this for ratings, but what type of toll can this possibly have on a relationship? Just because you go on a television show and it is proven that your mate was faithful, this is not a cure.

I have watched many people smile, hug their partners and seemingly walk off into the sunset. When I watch a few weeks or months later, the same couple is on the show because they decided that the test must have been wrong or something silly like that. There is something inherently wrong with being in a relationship with anyone who needs a third party to tell them to trust you. If you have children, what type of example is this setting for them.

There are some occasions when it is perfectly normal to be jealous, like when a co-worker takes an interest in your mate and brings them flowers, or when your mate’s ex suddenly becomes their new best friend. What makes or breaks the relationship is how you react. While it is perfectly normal to ask a few questions in order to obtain some insight into the situation, forbidding contact and other controlling behaviours are not.

Getting into a relationship means that you are ready to give someone your all, and that includes your trust. Consider this before you allow jealousy to rear its ugly head and tear things apart.